Day 66 of "Bigg Boss 9" continued with the previous day's task -- Murder Mystery -- where Prince Narula was the 'murderer' and the rest of the housemates had to save themselves from getting killed.

However, unlike day one of the task, the last episode was disappointing as the 'common people' hid in the washroom to avoid being killed by the murderer. 

As the day progressed, Bigg Boss called Prince to the confession room and expressed his disappointment over the fact that he had killed only one inmate successfully and asked him to buck up.

Soon after, Prince stole Kishwer Merchantt's clothes and argued with Mandana Karimi so as to get a reaction from her. Mandana, being the drama queen of the house, immediately started crying and with this, both Mandana and Kishwer were declared dead.

Next, the 'murderer' targeted Nora, who locked herself in the washroom. Prince picked a fight with her and called her a coward. This infuriated Nora, who in turn started yelling at him.

Although Prince succeeded in killing four housemates, he failed to get a reaction from Suyyash Rai and Rochelle Rao.

After the task got over, Pratik Trivedi, journalist from IBN7, entered the house to help the inmates to solve the mystery of the murderer.

'Detectives' Priya Malik and Rishabh Sinha were asked to present proofs against their suspect. While Priya took Rishabh's name, Rishabh was confident that Prince was the murderer.

As Rishabh's doubt turned out to be true, he was directly nominated for the captaincy task.

Although, Prince lost the power to nominate one of the murdered contestants for elimination for the rest of the season, since he succeeded in murdering only four people, he was nominated for the captaincy task.

The prelude of the next episode will see Prince and Rishabh competing against each other for the captaincy task.

While viewers must be eagerly waiting for the episode to be aired, according to twitter buzz, Prince has won the task and is the new captain of the house.