Day 52 of "Bigg Boss 9" started with the housemates having their morning tea in the garden area when Rishabh Sinha and Mandana Karimi fought over Digangana Suryavanshi's biscuit.

Digangana said that Mandana made a huge issue out of the fact that Rishabh was having her biscuit. She confronted Mandana for creating issues between Rishabh and her, and asked her never to take a stand on her behalf.

Rishabh, offended by Madana's intervening nature, took the small matter to another level and hid Mandana's biscuit. It was only when captain Priya Malik intervened that Rishabh and Mandana stopped creating a fuss. 

Later, Bigg Boss asked Priya to nominate two contestants whose performance inside the house, as per the audience's perspective, was disappointing. Priya named Digangana and Suyyash Rai, and both of them have been directly nominated for elimination.

In the evening, Bigg Boss introduced the new task "Paanch Dosh" in which the housemates had to battle five emotions - ego, anger, greed, lust and sloth.

In the first task on 'Ego', contestants were divided into two teams. One individual from each team was selected -- Kanwaljeet Singh and Mandana Karimi -- whose personal belongings were destroyed by the opposite team's members. Priya being the supervisor, destroyed Kanwaljeet's spectacle, shawl, pillow and, Mandana's clothes and expensive earrings.

The prelude of the next episode saw Prince and Rishabh taking up a challenge where their excitement level will be tested when a girl seduces them.