The weekend episode of "Bigg Boss 9" saw Deepika Padukone entering the house and becoming the Bigg Boss for a day.

The episode started with host Salman Khan welcoming Deepika, who appeared on the show to promote her upcoming film "Tamasha".

The housemates were introduced with the new Bigg Boss, Deepika, who entertained all with her list of tasks for the housemates. She commanded them to enact a popular scene from "Sholay". Mandana Karimi and Prince Narula also enacted a romantic scene where the Iranian actress proposed to Prince.

Rishabh Sinha won a physical task given by Deepika and was lucky enough to go on a date with her.

Before leaving the house, Deepika gave the housemates an option of surrendering Rimi Sen's make up in exchange of the luxury budget goodies. Rimi didn't agree to sacrifice her make-up for other housemates.

On stage, Salman told Deepika that he was very happy to have her on the show. Both Salman and Deepika then entertained viewers by shaking a leg on "Tamasha" song "Matargashti". They also played a game where they had to lie to each other. While Salman lied by saying that Deepika is not the most beautiful girl, Deepika proposed to Salman and asked him to marry her.

After Deepika exited the show, Salman asked the contestants to go through a lie detector test in order to expose some of their hidden truths. Prince claimed that Rishabh is ruled by Mandana. Kishwer said Rochelle are friends with no one.

With that, Salman announced that Aman Verma has been eliminated from the show. This left the housemates shocked as he was a strong contender.

The episode ended with Salman introducing the next wild card contesant Priya Malik, who had participated in the Australian version of the controversial show.