Day three of "Bigg Boss 9" saw controversies building up among the housemates.

The day started with Mandana Karimi asking her partner Keith Sequeira to explain to his girlfriend Rochelle Rao that she isn't inside the house to create problems between the lovebirds. Also, she told Keith that he is not just Rochelle's boyfriend but Mandana's partner as well. Keith, on the other hand, advised Mandana not to remain self-centred as it might affect her during elimination and mingle with others.

Besides issues with Rochelle, Mandana was also furious at Aman Verma when he jokingly stopped her from punching him.

Later, the budget task on 'phobia' continued with Kishwer Merchantt and her partner Aman Varma. They were nominated to completed a task on Melophobia (fear of music) but were again challenged to perform Trichophobia (the fear of hair) task. In both the tasks, the duo emerged victorious.

However, when Suyyash Rai and his partner Rimi Sen were challenged for Trypanophobia (fear of needles) task where they had to ink themselves with permanent Bigg Boss tattoo, Rimi backed out once again but later agreed for a small tattoo when her partner convinced her.

However, this time, Suyyash lost his cool on Bigg Boss for not disclosing the size of the permanent tattoo and stormed out of the task area claiming that the task assigned to them was unfair and even flicked the bird, which for obvious reasons was blurred on-screen.

Later towards the end of the day, the inmates came up with a plan to rotate their beds on daily basis as it was unfair on Yuvika Chaudhary to spend sleepless nights next to the snorers -- Arvind Vedga and Vikas Bhalla. However, the season's new drama queen Mandana refused to shuffle her bed and stormed out of the conversation.