"Bigg Boss 9" is starting to get interesting with the 'highway' task underway.

The contestants were divided into two teams; while one was asked to position itself atop the rickshaw, the other was ordered to disrupt their task (without using force).

With Prince Narula as the driver, Kishwer Merchant, Suyyash Rai, RImi Sen and Puneet Vashist took the passengers' seat kick-starting the task.

As the opponents were asked not to use physical force on the other team, they began hurling them with ground kitchen spices and eggs. Rishabh Sinha used mirrors to reflect sun rays off it and on their faces. When all these tactics failed to work, Mandana Karimi stepped into the bedroom flicking Kishwer's clothes.

Aman Yatan Verma tried his best to jam the spokes of the rickshaw using an umbrella, which didn't work out well for them. Rochelle Rao got into a tiff with Suyyash, and Kishwer warned Mandana how she'll be worse when it's her turn.

Later, Mandana was spotted lecturing Digangana Suryavanshi about how she should be loyal to her team and that she was seen being lenient with the other contestants. The day ended with Prince's team winning and it was more or less a peaceful finish.

But the recap suggests things are going to get dirty on day 31 and that Mandana will kick Kishwer. Twitter buzz indicates the activity is set to be suspended.

In other news, on the micro-blogging site, some are miffed with Mandana's unruly behaviour and are wishing she be evicted for being physically abusive with Kishwer.

Here are some tweets:

SudeePa: @TheRealityPost mandana should be evicted as rules are rules #BB9

Johny John : #EvictMandana for hitting Kishwer #BB9. If kish had done it den she wud have been evicted buh wen done by Salman's Madana, den chalta hai...

Love Gautam Gulati: @manizhe should be evicted from #BB9 house as physical violence is not allowed @BeingSalmanKhan @rajcheerfull

PrinceNarulaFC : @TheRealityPost Yes Mandana should be evicted from house as physical violence is not allowed #BB9