Day 10 of "Bigg Boss 9" house started with Suyaash Rai and Prince Narula slogging with the lagaan task late at night.

Early in the morning, some of the contestants unable to continue with the task, planned to abandon it, while others believed that since they have put in so much of effort for so long, they should hold on until Bigg Boss' announcement.

Realising that they might lose the task to the zamindaars Aman Verma and Kishwer Merchantt, Keith Sequeira came up with an idea to steal some of the coins even as Suyaash, Digangana Suryavanshi and a few others were against it. Keith and his partner Mandana Karimi went forward and stole quite a few coins from a pot kept aside.

However, on stealing the coins, the contestants felt guilty and arrived at a consensus of returning the coins to the zamindaars and apologise.

Mandana was, however, upset with the decision and insisted on counting the coins before returning them. The conversation then turned into a heated argument left Mandana fuming. She even untied herself from her partner Keith and removed her mic as well.

Fearing that Mandana's decision to break Bigg Boss' rule might affect the luxury budget, the other contestants requested Bigg Boss to make her follow rules. Believing that everyone are against her, Mandana requested Bigg Boss to send her home.

Later, Mandana fell so sick that she had to be put on saline on doctor's supervision.

The episode ended with Bigg Boss announcing the winner of lagaan task. Zamindaars Kishwer and Aman won the task and were asked to unfasten themselves from each other.

Surprisingly, Kishwer's boyfriend Suyyash wasn't quite happy with the former's victory and was heard complaining to his partner Prince Narula about not being acknowledged for working so hard for the task.