Puneet Vashist, whose "Bigg Boss 9" journey was brought to a halt on Sunday, said Mandana Karimi might have a beautiful face but not a heart.

The actor, who had become an object of scr5utnity for blowing his own trumpet and unnecessarily picking fights with housemates, said he didn't he didn't expect the eviction but the ouster hasn't left him shattered.

He told PTI how fights aren't his cup of tea and so he was voted out this early as the viewers of the high-voltage reality show enjoy arguments and brawls.

Talking to Absolute India News, he revealed how Mandana changed her ways with him adding Aman Yatan Verma should win the game as he's on the right path.

"Rochelle and Mandana are superbly double-faced. Mandana mainly because she has beautiful face but she should also have a beautiful heart. She is the one who creates groups and also irks a lot of people inside. But I won't be surprised if she wins. I feel there is a strong reason why she is inside the house.," the leading daily quoted him as saying.

Puneet further went on to say how Rishabh Sinha acts differently in front of the camera and that Kishwer Merchant is a genuine person.

In other news, on Saturday's episode Puneet was condemned by Salman Khan for making an extremely inappropriate comment on Mandana. 

During the 'Highway' task, Mandana sprinkled turmeric on the team atop the rickshaw. While everyone was okay with it, Puneet reacted saying Iranian recipes do not require haldi adding that the Indians (of the house) will die of hunger.