Day 9 of "Bigg Boss 9" saw a change in equation between partners Keith Sequeira and Mandana Karimi. Real life couple Kishwer Merchantt and Suyyash Rai also shed tears after a heated argument.

Early in the day, Bigg Boss announced an interesting task -- the lagaan task, wherein Aman Verma and Kishwer Merchantt were appointed as the zamindaars and Arvind Vegda as the supervisor of the task. The rest of the housemates were the workers.

According to the task, each pair of workers (contestants) were required to ground flour day and night and sell a packet of flour to the zamindaars for a negotiable price. The team with the most number of coins would be the winner. Workers were barred from using any area of the house including the kitchen and bathroom, except for the garden area.

The zamindaars were given the duty of imposing tax every time a worker wishes to visit an obstructed areas.

The task left the housemates hungry, tired, frustrated and created a rift between partners as well as other housemates.

Keith argued over his partner Mandana's bossy attitude and soon the argument turned into a nasty fight where the latter broke a major rule of Bigg Boss house by unfastening herself from her partner. 'Worker' Suyyash landed in a heated argument with 'zamindaar' Kishwer over the task. The duo shed tears but reconciled later.

The episode ended with the contestants continuing with their task. Vikas Bhalla and Rochelle Rao also got into a fight when the former claimed that Rochelle ate her food before all the contestants. Rochelle started crying over the captain's remark.