• Rochelle questions Mandana why she is sleeping on Keith's bed.PR Handout
  • Keith seems unaffected by the cat fight.PR Handout
  • Rochelle cries holding KeithPR Handout
  • Rochelle hugs Keith after the ruckus end.PR Handout
  • Other contestants trying to console Keith.PR Handout

Controversial TV show "Bigg Boss 9" will witness its first big cat fight between Mandana Karimi and Rochelle Maria Rao.

Although Mandana said she has no intention to come in between the love birds and it is the concept of "double trouble" which has forced her to be with Keith, Rochelle apparently is losing her patience.

After refusing to sleep anywhere near Vikas Bhalla and Arvind Vegda, Mandana chooses to sleep on Keith's bed, which will make her sleep in between Rochelle and her boyfriend.

When Mandana slept on Keith's bed, Rochelle, wanting to sleep next to her boyfriend, politely asked her why was she sleeping on Keith's bed?

But Mandana remained adamant on sleeping next to Keith, asserting that she had already spoken to her partner (Keith) about sleeping next to him.

Hearing Mandana use the words "my partner", Rochelle said, "Your partner is my boyfriend." While the two ladies continued to yell at each other, Keith appeared unaffected by the entire ruckus.

Eventually, Mandana's stubbornness won the battle and she went off to sleep where she had decided to. 

On the other side, Rochelle seemed to be very upset about the entire episode and started crying. She hugged Keith saying that she just wanted a minute alone with him and that she cannot tolerate this any longer. Meanwhile, other contestants tried to console Rochelle.

While Day 4 of "Bigg Boss 9" will witness its first big drama, looks like Mandana's tantrums are already making things difficult for the couple.

Earlier, reports suggested that Rochelle was upset when Keith picked up Mandana in order to walk to the kitchen and some other house mates started singing a romantic song.

Moreover, Keith's apparent flirty approach towards Mandana has also been an issue for Rochelle. As the concept of "double trouble" has forced the contestants to be with their respective partners all the time, looks like Mandana's closeness to Keith is affecting his relationship with Rochelle.