Day 89 of "Bigg Boss 9" continued with Prince Narula and Kishwer Merchantt competing against each other in the 'ticket to finale' task. Early in the morning, Mandana Karimi and Priya Malik were seen getting into an argument while cooking breakfast. 

As the day progressed, Bigg Boss increased the offer amount to Rs. 9 lakh, while the winning prize amount was decreased to Rs. 41 lakh. The housemates tried to convince Kishwer to grab the golden opportunity and leave the house as she is already nominated for the week. However, Kishwer remained firm that she wanted to reach the top five.

Bigg Boss further raised the offer money to Rs 13 lakh, which left Prince and Kishwer in a complicated situation, but they chose not to react.

Meanwhile, Priya and Rishabh Sinha were seen discussing that Kishwer should leave with the money, as no other contestant, except for the winner of "Bigg Boss 9", will get a chance to take home such a huge amount of money.

Surprisingly, Mandana was seen engrossed in household chores throughout the day, which led Priya and others to think that Mandana must have been frustrated as she could have won the amount and left the house had she not pressed the buzzer first.

In the evening, Bigg Boss announced that the offer amount had been increased to Rs.15 lakh and winning prize amount decreased to Rs. 37 lakh. But, this time, Bigg Boss told them that the offer money will not be increased further and that Prince and Kishwer had to take the decision within an hour.

Kishwer took the tough decision of quitting the show and taking home the money, while allowing Prince to get the 'ticket to finale'.

While the episode shocked viewers, Kishwer has been receiving positive response from her fans on twitter. 

Here are some of the ex- Bigg Boss contestants, who have expressed their views on Kishwer's eviction.