Day 78 of "Bigg Boss 9" started with the housemates discussing the 'party or punishment' task, which was introduced by Salman Khan the previous day.

Kishwer Merchantt, who was supposed to be Mandana Karimi's personal servant for 48 hours, refused to continue with the task as she was upset with Mandana's violent nature.

As the day progressed, Mandana opened up about her aggressive behaviour in front of Prince Narula and told him that she will apologise to Priya Malik only if Salman asks her to do so.

In the confession room, Bigg Boss gave Mandana an earful for her disappointing behaviour and told Priya that while Mandana wasn't violent, she deserves severe punishment by the housemates.

As for punishment, captain Suyyash confiscated Mandana's bag, which infuriated the Iranian beauty. She said that Bigg Boss believed that she didn't display any violent behaviour and hence, Suyyash had no right to take her bags away.

Suyyash then decided to return Mandana's bag as confiscating her bags will not change her behaviour towards others. While others agreed to Suyyash, Rochelle Rao, Priya and Kishwer objected to it.

Keith Sequeira tried explaining Rochelle that Suyyash's decision was right. Rochelle, assuming that Keith was supporting Mandana, argued with him, which resulted in the otherwise calm and composed Keith yelling at Rochelle.

Later, Kishwer, Priya and Rochelle were asked to enter double trouble room where their decision making skills were tested.

Bigg Boss gave four options to the three ladies in which if one person pressed the buzzer, she would get the power to nominate any two contestants, if two people pressed the buzzer, the third person would get nominated and if all three of them pressed the buzzer, other housemates would be nominated for this week except for them. If none of them pressed the buzzer, all the housemates would get nominated.

The three ladies pressed the buzzer, resulting in captain Suyyash, Prince Narula, Keith Sequeira, Nora Fatehi, Rishabh Sinha and Mandana Karimi being nominated this week.

In the evening, Mandana apologised to Priya, which the latter accepted.