As controversial show "Bigg Boss 9" is nearing conclusion, it is getting tougher for the contestants to survive inside the show.

Day 88 started with housemates preparing themselves for the tedious day as the three finalists had to compete against each other to win the "Ticket to Finale" task. Rishabh Sinha was visibly upset, as he couldn't make it to the top three and lost the golden opportunity to reach the finale.

Later, Bigg Boss announced the next stage of the "Ticket to Finale" task, which will surely turn out to be a game changer of the show.

As per the rule of the next stage of "Ticket to Finale" task, the finalists were required to stand in individual booths indefinitely without eating. Each of them were given buzzers and three options were laid in front of them.

1) The finalist who presses the buzzer first will be out of the "Ticket to Finale" task, but will continue to be a part of the show.

2) The one who presses the buzzer second, will be out of the show and take home Rs 6,33,333 lakh.

3) The last one to press the buzzer will win the ticket to finale.

While Mandana and Kishwer pressed the buzzer as soon as the task started, the former hit the buzzer a tad faster than Kishwer and was declared out of the "Ticket to Finale" task.

Mandana's smart move left Prince and Kishwer in a complicated situation where one of them had to leave the show. Both Prince and Kishwer believed that it was unfair on Bigg Boss' part to let strong contestants like them quit the show, when they are just a few weeks away from the finale.

Kishwer, although was upset, remained determined that she wants to be one of the top five finalists of "Bigg Boss 9".

As the day progressed, Prince and Priya Malik got into a heated argument, when the latter said that although Prince had been inside the house since the beginning and she entered the game mid-way, they both are in the same level now. Prince told her that she has no right to pass such comments. Mandana too intervened and said that Priya will not be able to match up to the level of other contestants.

Later in the evening, Kishwer was seen expressing her thoughts that wild card contestants Priya and Rishabh do not deserve to be in the race.

As neither Prince nor Kishwer were willing to give up, Bigg Boss increased the amount from Rs. 6,33,333 lakhs to Rs. 8 lakhs. However, the contestants remained firm and said that they will not leave the house no matter how much amount is offered.