Ever since former "Bigg Boss" contestant Imam Siddique has entered the "Bigg Boss 9" house, he has been putting the remaining contestants of the show -- Prince Narula, Mandana Karimi, Rochelle Rao, Keith Sequeira, Priya Malik and Rishabh Sinha -- through a series of challenging tasks.

In the last episode, Imam -- known for his flamboyant personality -- decided to take the entertainment quotient a notch higher by giving Rochelle Rao a task where she had to convince Keith Sequeira to propose to her and get engaged on national television.

The couple was sceptical about taking their relationship to the next level on the show and decided to take some more time to get to know each other better and not to get engaged on the national television.

While Keith and Rochelle's engagement could have been a major highlight of the season, the episode did get spiced up when Keith proposed to his girlfriend as part of a challenge. Flattered by Keith's romantic proposal, Rochelle teared up.

But, the interesting part of the challenge was not proposing Rochelle but Priya. Imam asked Keith to impress Priya the similar way. Abiding by Imam's wish, the hunk knelt down on one knee and proposed to Priya.

The challenge was quite interesting as Keith's romantic words and a kiss made Priya turn red-faced.

With Imam inside the house, the remaining weeks of "Bigg Boss 9" will certainly get more entertaining.