Day four of "Bigg Boss 9" picked up from the previous day, when the contestants planned to rotate their beds. Mandana Karimi, who was adamant on not changing her bed, finally agreed with the others.

However, soon after the settlement, Mandana and Rochelle Rao landed in a cat fight when the former refused to exchange beds with Keith Sequeira while Rochelle wanted to sleep next to her boyfriend. Following the fight, Rochelle broke down and was seen sobbing in her boyfriend's arms.

The next day, the housemates chose Aman Yatan Verma-Kishwer Merchantt and Vikas Bhalla-Yuvika Choudhary as the best performers of the budget task. Bigg Boss then asked these two jodis to compete against each other in a yoga task. Vikas and Yuvika emerged as the winner and were declared as the captains of the house.

Later, Suyyash Rai was seen upset with his girlfriend Kishwer as she easily gets influenced by her partner Aman.

For the luxury budget, Price Narula and his partner Rochelle performed a task where Prince was blindfolded and had to ape a dog while Rochelle leads him across a few obstacles and helps him choose the required items for the house.

While the rest of the housemates are entitled to use the luxury budget, Suyyash and Rimi Sen, who had quit the budget task midway, were prohibited from using any luxury items this week.

At the end of the day, Keith got into a war of words with Mandana when she told him that she isn't an attender of his girlfriend and her needs.

The prelude of the next episode will see Bigg Boss allowing the contestants to change their partners. This is expected to bring further chaos and confusion among the members of the house.