Day 82 of "Bigg Boss 9" started with Bigg Boss asking the housemates as to who according to them is the most deserving contestant inside the house. The inmates unanimously named Keith Sequeira.

Following this, Bigg Boss announced an interesting task -- Season Nomination Trophy – housemates had to pass the trophy to another inmate whom they believe should be nominated for the rest of the season.

As per the rule of the task, once the gong rings, one of the housemates has to pass the trophy to another one stating a reason for doing so. Further, when the final gong rings, the contestant who will be holding the trophy at that point of time, will be nominated for the rest of the season.

Keith, voted as the most deserving contestant, started off the task by passing the trophy to Nora Fatehi.

Meanwhile, Prince Narula went to Kishwer Merchantt and Suyyash Rai and told them that Rochelle Rao has been telling everyone that Prince deserved the trophy as he has been nominated only twice throughout the season.

The gong rang again and Nora passed it on to Mandana Karimi stating that she has not been fake and has not showcased her true personality. While Mandana wasn't convinced with Nora's comment, she accepted it and passed it on to Suyyash at the next gong.

On the other hand, Prince confronted Rochelle about announcing to pass on the trophy to Prince. However, when Rochelle tried to explain him that she was joking, it led to a huge argument between them. At the next gong, Suyyash passed it on to Priya Malik, who in turn handed the trophy to Kishwer.

Surprisingly, Kishwer passed the trophy to Prince stating that although she considers him as her brother, he is a competition to her in the show.

Prince passed the trophy to Rishabh who passed it back to Kishwer. When the final gong went off, Kishwer passed it on to Keith, who as per the rule of the task, was nominated for the rest of the season.

Later in the evening, another task -- Oppo R7 Plus Season of Joyful Selfie -- was introduced where each of the housemates had to convince Keith to make them talk to the family or friend over the phone. They needed to convince him with the strongest reason and take a selfie with them.

Keith announced Mandana's name since none of her family members or friends visited or sent a message during the season. The phone rang and Mandana found her boyfriend Gaurav Gupta speaking from the other end. The Iranian beauty broke down after hanging up the call. 

The prelude of the next weekend episode saw Sunny Deol entering the show to promote his upcoming film "Ghayal Once Again". Not just that, even Juhi Chawla and "Bigg Boss 7" contestant Tanishaa Mukerji will be appearing on the show along with host Salman Khan.