Day 87 of "Bigg Boss 9" saw a lot of violence during the "Ticket to Finale" task. As the task commenced, Priya Malik started attacking Kishwer Merchantt's funnel. However, Prince Narula reached to her rescue and blocked Priya's way.

As the task proceeded, Priya left no stone unturned to get Rochelle Rao, Prince, Kishwer out of the race.

When she attacked Rochelle, the latter retaliated by saying that she didn't harm Priya in any way. Priya made her point clear that she was targeting Rochelle as she is one of the nominated contestants.

Later, when Rishabh's knee hit Mandana's head, she blamed him for kicking her. Hoping that supervisor Keith Sequeira will take a stand in her favour, Mandana complained to him. But Keith told her that Rishabh didn't kick her but used his leg to stop her from opening his funnel's lever. When Mandana objected to it, Keith showed her the middle finger.

Bigg Boss then announced the next level of the task, wherein the contenders had to leave their funnel's levers open and let the sand flow out while keep filling the funnel from the top. At the end, three contestants with most amount of sand in their containers will move to the next stage of the task.

As all contestants began to open their levers and play the game, Priya fiercely attacked Rochelle. She didn't stop torturing Rochelle even as the latter pleaded her to leave her alone. Rochelle, however, fought bravely and kept refilling her funnel.

Soon after the task was over and Prince, Kishwer and Mandana were declared the winners of the first stage of the task, all the housemates, including Priya, lauded Rochelle's fighting spirit. Boyfriend Keith, however, was seen holding her tight and crying as he felt bad for not being able to help her.

With Rochelle, Priya and Rishabh out of the game, the prelude of the next episode saw Bigg Boss introducing a twist in the task wherein the finalists were given a golden opportunity to take a huge amount of money and quit the show.

It now remains to be seen if Prince, Kishwer or Mandana opt for the money and quit the show or reject the opportunity and continue with their stint inside the house.