Day 21 of "Bigg Boss 9" was quite interesting with host Salman Khan grilling the contestants. The highlight of the weekend episode was the elimination of one more contestant after Arvind Vegda. The episode also saw the housemates face some reality check. 

In order to motivate the housemates and make the game more entertaining, Salman showed the contestants what viewers have been gossipping about them. The inmates read some of the harsh remarks made by the show's fans, which left them tight-lipped.

Further, Salman made each of the housemates hold the Bigg Boss trophy and deliver a winning speech as if they have won the show. This made the inmates, who have been inside the house for over three weeks, realise that they need to put their best foot forward and play the game with some more zeal.

Like last week, when a few of the contestants' family members appeared on the show, this time Salman welcomed TV celebs Karan Kundra and Shaleen Malhotra on the show. The duo lent their support to their friends, Prince Narula and Suyyash Rai respectively.

Karan advised Prince to spice up the show and warned him about Mandana Karimi, who is playing safe. On the other hand, Shaleen warned Suyyash against Keith Sequeira as he believes that he's the most manipulative person inside the house.

By the end of the episode, Salman announced that Vikas Bhalla has been eliminated from the show. With this, the weekend witnessed double elimination -- Arvind and Vikas.

The prelude of the next episode saw the entry of the first wild card contestant Rishabh Sinha. 

With Salman's motivational doses and the entry of the new member inside the house, it appears like things will finally spice up on the show.