Thursday night came to a close with a funny and entertaining task on "Bigg Boss 9".

The house mates were made to pose as cadets with challenger Imam Siddique as their commander. Wearing camouflage pants and vests, the celebs appeared all gung-ho about getting their army groove on.

What followed next was a battery of tasks and it was on Siddique to get the contestants to leave the game altogether, failing to do which there would be consequences. Targeting Rishabh Sinha, he ordered Mandana Karimi to chop off his hair.

Later, Prince Narula and Sinha were asked to stand on blocks of ice. The boys did well and were replaced by Rochella Rao and Priya Malik, respectively. When Malik refused to step off, inmates tried talking her out of the task. The bargain didn't go on for long as she felt weak after a while, discontinuing mid-way.

The high point of the episode was when the commander dared housemates with individual challenges. Keith Sequeira and Rao discussed if they wanted to make their relationship official on national television. The girlfriend said she would want to do it with her parents around, and the man readily agreed.

Narula said no to soaking himself in the swimming pool overnight, Karimi refused to shave off her hair, and Malik turned down an offer to shorten her tresses. Interestingly, it was only Sinha who said he would go for an extreme haircut.

Later, Karimi and Narula brought the house down with their silly fight over a used towel. The Iranian beauty was mighty upset with people using her stuff without seeking prior permission, and took nasty digs at the "Splitsvilla 8" winner. While they had an at-length discussion about their big showdown, like always, failed to agree with each other.