Rishabh Sinha
Rishabh SinhaTwitter/Colors TV

One of the most controversial reality show, "Bigg Boss 9", ended on Saturday, declaring Prince Narula as the winner. He bagged the title by beating Rishabh Sinha in the grand finale. Though Prince deserved the trophy, Rishabh was also as deserving as him.

From the most entertaining wild card entrant to a good hearted person, Rishabh too had all the qualities of being the "Bigg Boss 9" winner. However, he has won millions of hearts with his attitude of "It doesn't matter" and also with his child-like behaviour.

Here are few points which proves that Rishabh should have won the title of "Bigg Boss 9":

Most entertaining wild card entrant

When other contestants on "Bigg Boss 9" were, in a way, failing to entertain the audience, makers of the show brought Rishabh Sinha as their first wild card entry. He, who called himself Don since the beginning, became one of the most entertaining contestants on the show. His witty nature captured millions of hearts who watched the Salman Khan show.

One man army

Unlike Prince, Rishabh played the game alone. Prince made friends inside the house who became his shield, but Rishabh fought as one man army till the end. However, another wild card entrant, Priya Malik, supported Rishabh, but he chose to fight on his own. Even after all the discouragements from his housemates, Rishabh became one of the top two finalists.

Heart of a child

As Rochelle Rao said when she left the house that Rishabh has a "heart of a child". From arguing for no reasons to patching up with everyone after the fight, Rishabh is truly adorable. Though he made few silly mistakes during the tasks, but then he tried to give his best in each and every tasks without giving it up.

Passion to win

Like Prince, Rishabh too had the passion to win the show. Since the beginning, he said he will win the show this time. His passion, hard work and kind heart makes him the winner and he deserved to win this season's title.