"Bigg Boss 9" has been witnessing a lot of drama and action, but one of the most popular contestants has been maintaining a rather low profile, and that is Rimi Sen.

While, "Bigg Boss" has a history of contestants getting eliminated if they fail to offer the necessary "masala", Rimi is still going strong in the show, despite not getting involved in any controversy in the house.

Although she seems to be the least drama-creating contestant in the "Bigg Boss 9" house, Rimi has been paid a whopping Rs 2 crore for participating in the show, according to a report in Mid-Day.

Being one of the most popular contestants on the show, it is obvious that Rimi would be paid more than many others in the house, but Rs 2 crore is apparently the highest fee for any contestant in the history of "Bigg Boss".

"Bigg Boss 9" contestants are reportedly paid on a weekly basis, and the fee varies for each contestant, depending on their popularity. However, the report on Rimi being paid Rs 2 crore for the show did not mention the nature of the payment.

The contestants' weekly fees are decided on three different levels — bottom, middle and top — according to a report in DNA.

The least popular contestants come under the bottom level and their weekly fee starts from Rs 3 lakh, mid-level contestants are paid around Rs 4 lakh and the highest weekly fee of up to Rs 5 lakh is reserved for the most popular contestants, falling under the top-level category, said the report.

The contestants are entitled to the weekly fees till they survive the game and the winner of the show gets the prize money (around Rs 40 lakh for "Bigg Boss 9" according to the report), in addition to the weekly fee. The contestants also get a signing amount.

If the buzz of Rimi being paid Rs 2 crore for the show is to be believed, contestant with the highest weekly fee of Rs 5 lakh will still get less money than Rimi, even if he or she wins the 15-week-long show. (15 weeks x Rs 5 lakh = Rs 75 lakh; Add to that the prize money of Rs 40 lakh, and the total is Rs 1.15 crore)

Credits: DNA and Mid-Day