Day 16 of "Bigg Boss 9" saw a major fight between 'good friends' Suyyash Rai, Prince Narula and Kishwer Merchantt.

The day started with Bigg Boss announcing an interesting task "Friends Page Task", where Suyyash and Prince were pitted against each other. Kishwer was assigned as the supervisor of the game.

The two contestants had to update a status on a board and gather supporters. Based on their statuses and respective campaigns, housemates would decide as to whom they should support by placing their pictures next to the status board.

According to the rule, whoever wins the task will become the new captain of the house while the loser will be nominated for next week.

Further, the housemates can also like or dislike the statuses and question the candidates about their status or clarify any issues involving them inside the house.

As the task progressed, Aman questioned Suyyash as to why is he so temperamental and feel so negative about him. Aman justified himself by claiming that he had even made a sacrifice by nominating himself over Suyyash's girlfriend Kishwer.

Hearing her name, Kishwer interferes in the conversation and defends herself saying that Aman sacrificed his safety because she sacrificed her luggage for him. Aman warned Kishwer not to interfere in his and Suyyash's conversation as she is the supervisor of the game. To this, Kishwer angrily retorted saying that she is the captain of the house and can do whatever she wants to. This led to a war of words between Kishwer and Aman.

On the other hand, Prince tried convincing Keith Sequeira, who asked him about his ganging up with Suyyash and Kishwer and if that will still happen if he becomes the captain.

Later as the task continued, Prince and Suyyash landed in a heated argument when the former asked Suyyash's girlfriend Kishwer not to interfere in the game. But Prince clarified that he is on the show to play the game and will not fear to voice his opinion and stand up for himself even if it means going against his good friends Kishwer and Suyyash.