Priya Malik, who entered the controversial show "Bigg Boss 9" as a wild card contestant, was eliminated on Saturday, 16 January.

Priya, who was declared as the first finalist of "Bigg Boss 9", received lowest amount of votes, resulting in her eviction from the show.

In an interview with India Forums, the evicted contestant talked about her journey inside the house, her elimination, future endeavours and more.

The former "Big Brother Australia" contestant said that the Indian version of the controversial show was more physically and emotionally challenging for her compared to "Big Brother Australia".

Priya, who claims to have played a fair game throughout the season, believes that being declared as the finalist worked against her.

"I guess that being declared as the finalist of the show kind of backfired because a lot of viewers, my fans and even my family thought that I might be safe anyway so there was a lack of votes but it is what it is and I am sure that there will be something good out of it. Secondly, I haven't done anything in India at all as compared to the other inmates so I guess it could have also played a part in my eviction," she added.

Talking about her bonding with Rishabh Sinha, Priya said that they had been friends since the beginning and had mutual respect for each other.

With the conclusion of her journey inside "Bigg Boss 9", Priya is now looking forward to explore television in India. "I am looking forward to explore television in India. I am thinking of staying in India for a longer time and explore," she told the web portal.