"Bigg Boss 9" wild card contestant Nora Fatehi's eviction on Saturday came as a surprise to the housemates as well as viewers. Ever since Nora entered the house, her closeness to Prince Narula was the hot topic of discussion among housemates.

Prince never shied away from expressing his feelings for her and went on to kiss her several times a day. He even proposed to her by gifting her a ring and flowers and told her that his feelings are genuine.

With Prince and Nora's growing closeness, the housemates as well as viewers were left wondering if it's a part of Nora's game plan in order to survive inside the house or was she really in love.

However, in an interview with Pinkvilla, evicted contestant Nora said that while she likes Prince, she never said anything beyond that. She said that since she and Prince were fond of each other, they tend to be protective and supportive towards each other.

"Yes I did like him and I did tell him that I liked him! From my end that was all. I never told him anything beyond that. We never said that we were a couple. We developed a specific fondness which is why we were protective and supportive towards one another and he was very sweet," said Nora 

Nora further added that she never went on to say that she loves Prince, despite the latter having expressed it several times.

"And considering Big Boss house, it is one strained environment where you are stuck up in one place and naturally tend to develop feelings for someone. Having said that, I did talk my feelings out but I never went overboard saying, 'I love you, I will miss you' and stuff just for the sake of seeking attention," Nora told the entertainment portal.

However, Nora believes that Prince is the strongest of all the contestants and will win the show.