Day 19 at the "Bigg boss 9" house saw an ugly argument between 'good friends' Mandana Karimi and Rochelle Rao.

The day started with Bigg Boss allotting captain Prince Narula with the responsibility of selecting the top three rule breakers of the house. Rochelle, Mandana and Yuvika Chaudhury were nominated as the top rule breakers.

The three contestants were then asked to enter three separate double-trouble soundproof booths where their decision-making skills were tested. Bigg Boss gave the three housemates four options and asked them to announce their decision by pressing the buzzer.

Option one: If one of them presses the buzzer, she would be freed while the other two will do all the household work.

Option two: If two of them press the buzzer, then the third contestant will have to do all the work alone.

Option three: If all of them press the buzzer, then they will have to select two housemates to do the work.

Option four: If none of them presses the buzzer, then they will have to select one housemate to do all the household chores.

Interestingly, only Rochelle pressed the buzzer, thereby making Mandana and Yuvika become the sevaks of the house.

Mandana was offended at this and she, in a fit of rage, called Rochelle "selfish". Mandana's allegation made Rochelle give an explanation to the housemates that since she, Madana and Yuvika were the rule breakers of the house, she didn't want other inmates to be punished for the same.

In the evening, Bigg Boss introduced a task -- 'Sachai Ka Saamna' -- where contestants went through a reality check of good, bad and ugly.

Rimi Sen was asked to spot good things about the contestants while Mandana and Aman Verma had to speak about the bad and ugly qualities of the contestants. While contestants took the task sportingly, Mandana taking advantage of spotting the bad things, started digging negative qualities of Rochelle once again, resulting in another cat fight between the two.

The day also saw Kishwer Merchantt and Mandana become good friends. The duo was seen bonding over similarities in their personality.

Later, Snapdeal task was introduced where contestants were divided into two teams. Both the teams had to write a phrase by using letter blocks, each of which consisted of points. The winning team with maximum points got an opportunity to shop for their family members. The day ended with the contestants getting teary eyed while shopping for their family.

The upcoming episode -- weekend with Salman Khan -- will see double elimination. 

According to a report in Bollywood Life, TV actor Puneet Vashist of "Shashtri Sisters" fame and "Qubool Hai" actor Rishabh Sinha will enter the Bigg Boss house as the first two wild card contestants.

Recently, there were reports that controversial actor Sahil Khan will be the first wild card contestant. But, going by the latest buzz, it's unclear if the "Style" actor will enter the show or not.

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