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Prince Narula turns 25 on Tuesday, 24 November. Unfortunately, he's locked up in the "Bigg Boss 9" house where the best he can do is ring in his special day with housemates.

The reality TV star's stint on the show has been quite tumultuous so far, much like previous season's winner Gautam Gulati.

In these 6 weeks and more, Prince has managed a few controversies that have prompted a torrent of backlash from the show's viewers.

In the initial week, he was cornered by the celebs. There were very few who wanted him on his/her team but when it came to performing the tasks, he emerged as everyone's a favourite.

Confessing his love for evicted contestant Yuvika Chaudhary was one of the most-discussed topics on social media. He was heavily criticised for expressing his feelings for the fellow inmate. Most were of the opinion that he was faking it and that it was only a strategy to survive the game.

However, Yuvika maintain his feelings were genuine and that he's a good friend.

Next up, he was accused of inappropriately touching a female contestant. Mandana Karimi branded him as the 'gunda' (rowdy) of the house saying he slid his hands into her t-shirt during the 'highway' task.

Although, Prince defended himself saying he was apologetic adding that it was never his intention, host Salman Khan reprimanded him of doing so.

Because of his rugged personlaity, Prince has been given the tag of an 'aggressive player'. Mandana, who cannot stand the sight of him, leaves no opportunity to point out Prince's unruly ways. The good news is he has now coiled up and is also wary of the way he performs a task.

Lastly, Prince has, multiple times, been accused of following Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchant. Viewers may be divided in their thoughts on this, but most housemates and Salman think Prince fails to take a stand and is always doing what he's asked to by the mentioned couple.

In other news, "Splitsvilla 6" contestant Subuhi Joshi has uploaded a special birthday video for Prince featuring his family members.

Watch it, below: