The makers of "Bigg Boss 9" may not have made any official announcement regarding its poor TRP ratings, but the latest reports suggest the show has been suffering on that front.

The wild card entries and mid-week evictions hint that the team is trying to get things to work in its favour.

However, the social media is abuzz with news of Kawaljit (Kanwaljeet) Singh's elimination. The Khabari, a Twitter handle responsible for "Bigg Boss" stories, broke the big news a few hours ago.

"Breaking News: #KawaljitSingh has been eliminated, MID WEEK EVICTION it will telecast Friday Or Sat."

Kawaljit hasn't done much during his stint in the mad house, except for triggering a few fights here and there. But, he did show some sporting spirit during the tasks given to the housemates.

The 'Paanch Dosh' task required him to give up items that would be later crushed by moderator Priya Malik. Opposing team picked his special pillow, an expensive shawl and power glasses. Interestingly, he never objected to it and let them go ahead with what they had selected.

In other news, Digangana Suryavanshi was shown the door in Tuesday's episode.