The second week elimination of "Bigg Boss 9" will take place this weekend when host Salman Khan will declare the evicted contestant's name. In the first week, Ankit Gera's elimination surprised all.

While viewers eagerly await to witness who will bid adieu to the show this week, it looks like viewers want Ankit's ex-girlfriend Roopal Tyagi to get eliminated.

IBTimes India conducted a poll asking viewers who should be eliminated in week two of "Bigg Boss 9". Many respondents said they want Roopal to be eliminated. The actress received the highest number of votes (45.45%), followed by Prince Narula who got 22.73% votes.

Surprisingly, Rimi Sen, who desperately wants to go home, received lesser number of votes (13.64%) compared to Roopal. It appears Rimi is slowing becoming viewers' favourite.

Madana Karimi also received 13.64% votes, while only 4.55% voted for Aman Verma.

A few days ago, the nominated contestants -- Aman, Prince, Roopal, Mandana and Rimi -- chose to sacrifice their safety for their partners after Bigg Boss asked each nominated jodi to decide among themselves as to which one member from each pair would finally get nominated.

Meanwhile, day 11 of "Bigg Boss 9" house saw Kishwer Merchantt as the new captain of the house.