Gautam Gulati, Karishma Tanna
Gautam Gulati, Karishma TannaBigg Boss 8/ Facebook

An arsenal of controversies and slimy gossips later, "Bigg Boss 8" is coming to a close and there's a strong buzz on social media that either Gautam Gulati or Karishma Tanna would take home the coveted trophy.

According to a tweet posted by a handle popular for breaking "BB8" news, sources suggest that there are high chances of either of the aforementioned contestants winning the show.

However, the chances of both winning the show are high since it has been widely reported that the show might have twin winners. So will they win or is there another twist in store? Only time will tell.

Gautam and Karishma's bonding goes back a long way. During the initial weeks, the two got into a bitter fight after the latter smeared red chili paste on his face leading to an abusive argument. While Gautam was reprimanded by all saying he shouldn't have abused a girl on 'national television', the "Grand Masti" actress urged for his disqualification on the 'Hijack Task'.

Salman Khan, however, believed that the matter was stretched to its limits adding that if she really was hurt with Gautam calling her names, she would have demanded an apology, not disqualification. The housemates, who were still against mister popular, further said that he was never sorry for what he did as his expressions would change everytime he would walk away from Karishma.

The matter however was resolved until the confession room task arrived wherein the two were blindfolded and asked to hold up placards with a yes and no written on it for every question. Gautam, who didn't agree upon Karishma's makeup being returned, entered in a massive tiff with her following which she addressed him as the 'ugly' man.

However, his efforts were lauded by the housemates, as they strongly believed his decision of relieving evicted contestant Sushant Divgikar of his servant duties was more mature than agreeing to get Karishma her makeup supplies back.

The two never had a smooth bonding until this one time during Gautam's interesting captaincy rule wherein Karishma warmed up to him. She is so averse to the suave actor that maintaining distance from eliminated housemate and friend Diandra Soares fit her bill.

In other news, the "BB8" grand finale will be hosted by Salman Khan on 3 January 2015.