Dimpy Mahajan and Renee Dhyani
Will wild card entrants Dimpy Mahajan and Renee Dhyani spice things up in the 'Bigg Boss 8' house?Twitter/Instagram

The "Bigg Boss 8" house went up in flames on the 49th day.

Wild card entrant Dimpy Mahajan got into a bitter fight with Sonali Raut over the shape of a 'roti' (flatbread). While Mahajan said there's no harm in learning things one doesn't know, Raut lashed out at her for interfering in her area of work.

Meanwhile, the boys – Gautam Gulati and Puneet Issar – were busy nicknaming Karishma Tanna. 'Paglol' and 'duffer-e-azam' are some of the names the two had a good laugh on. In other news, Diandra Soares, Tanna intently listened to Mahajan and Renee Dhyani's detailed account of Raut's romantic feelings for Upen Patel and Gulati.

The girls were for sure having some harmless fun and enjoying a stretched gossip session, but Ali Quli Mirza took it to a whole new level after he asked Raut to sneak into the bedroom to know what's being discussed.

Patel, who was not okay with his personal life being talked about, said it was inappropriate to analyse personal equations. In the meantime, Raut revealed that it was Mirza who told her that a very 'spicy' conversation is going on in the bedroom among the girls.

Taking it in the wrong way, Mirza was targeted by all and tagged as the biggest tattletale around. Interestingly, he admitted to being someone who does talk behind people's back and that it's his strategy to survive the show.

The tiff got really ugly, after which Praneet Bhatt and Pritam Singh intervened to calm both the parties down. Strangely, all this while, the house did not have these many strained relationships but after Mahajan and Dhyani's entry, things seem to have gotten worse. So, will the wild card entries help in retaining the glory of the high-voltage reality show and spice things up? Only time will tell.

However, this week Tanna, Issar, Gulati and Arya Babbar have been nominated for elimination.