'Bigg Boss 8' will shock Kim Kardashian, says Sunny Leone
Kim Kardashian and Sunny Leone.Twitter

Actress Sunny Leone, who took "Bigg Boss" platform to make a career in Bollywood, has predicted that Kim Kardashian, who is all set to enter the eighth season of the show, would have a little shock in the house.

"The Bigg Boss house is going to be a little bit of a shock to her—especially if the contestants don't clean up that morning. She is not going to understand any Hindi either," the Quartz quoted the former adult star as saying.

Leone has some good words about the American TV actress. She has declared that Kardashian will create a fan base in India like her. The former adult star says that the Californian beauty is one of the biggest brands in the world and people across the globe are interested in her.

She also believes that Kardashian might have a difficult time in getting used to the language, culture and food in "Bigg Boss 8" house. Leone adds, "That's going to be a little hard for her—but she should know everybody in India speaks English. But who knows, she might be taking lessons already. She is a very smart woman."

The "Jism 2" actress confidently says that Kardashian will change her perception about Indian food. According to Leone, generally, the people in the west might not like Indian food. In "Bigg Boss" house, inmates get a healthy diet and Leone claims that the American TV personality would like it.

"Ragini MMS 2" actress ends the note by saying, "If she adjusts to the food, language and people, she will make them fall in love with her."

Meanwhile, Kardashian is all set to enter "Bigg Boss 8" house in the coming days. She has been paid a fancy amount to be part of Salman Khan's reality show for a day.