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The 11th day of "Bigg Boss 8" started off with the members deciding and engaging in their daily chores. Deepshikha Nagpal's team that holds a higher position in the house continue to make RJ Preetam's team dance to their tunes.

The "Bigg Boss 8" house hosted by Salman Khan, started with second round of nomination. Minisha Lamba was the first to be called inside the confession room, followed by other inmates who were asked to nominate three contestants who according to them should be evicted from the house.

While Gautam Gulati got the highest number of votes for his disrespectful and aggressive behaviour towards Karishma Tanna on the other day, Praneet Bhatt and Preetam received the second most numbers of nominations after Gulati.

Soon after the voting process got over, "Bigg Boss" unveiled that names of contestants who are nominated for this week's eviction.

Gulati, who received 14 votes, Bhatt with nine votes and Sukirti Kandpal, who was nominated by Sonali Raut during her eviction (as per exit voting rights), are now in the danger zone.

An unexpected twist occurred in the house, when Raut, who was evicted last week, re-entered the house as an inmate. Raut's comeback into the house, had left the contestants surprised and gravely upset.

With Raut's entry, it appears like soon rifts among the house mates will begin as it was evident when Raut took Gulati's side while discussing about the Hijack Task and the major fight that happened between him and Tanna during her absence.

Raut even spoke about the ultimate performance delivered by Gulati during the task and commented on Preetam's weak leadership. On the other hand, Tanna, Nagpal, Soares and Babbar were seen murmuring about Raut while they teamed up against her.

Later, Lamba and Bhatt landed into an argument over a previous task. But the fight heated up resulting in both the contestants losing their temper and shouting at each other.

By the end of the day, Gulati was seen dancing with Raut and placing a peck on each other's cheeks, while the other contestants watched them with their eyes wide open. 

Now that the "X-Pose" flame is back, no wonder the lady will try her best to survive in the house.

Moreover, in the next episode, Raut will be seen revealing the true faces of the contestants as she will be given a task by "Bigg Boss" to divide all the inmates based on certain criteria.