Diandra Soares, Gautam Gulati
Diandra Soares slaps Gautam Gulati, says he isn't trust worthyBigg Boss 8/ Facebook

Gautam Gulati continued his rule over 'Gautam City' on day 59 in the "Bigg Boss 8" house.

Terrified and tortured, housemates were kept awake till the wee hours and delegated chores the next morning. While some were asked to get the king, his 'elaichi' (cardamom) milkshake, others were reprimanded for stealing cigarettes.

Meanwhile, Praneet Bhatt and Ali Quli Mirza got into a tiff. Calling one another names, the situation got a little out of hand when Puneet Issar intervened and asked Bhatt not to yell else he will be nominated for this week's eviction.

The housemates, who were evidently miffed with the dictatorship, were secretly given a few tasks on completion of which they would be freed of the tyranny. From secretly embedding a microphone in the captain's special room to lighting flare bombs and defacing Gulati's posters, the inmates accomplished these challenges without the leader's knowledge.

On successfully finishing the tasks, the civilians were put off Gulati's reign and allowed to celebrate their freedom with him. It was one of the entertaining tasks of the season as the most misunderstood contestant was finally gifted with an opportunity to redeem his equation with the rest of the house, and he emerged victorious.

Diandra Soares, who has been at loggerheads with him forever, seem to have softened a bit. After offering to feed him lunch, the model was spotted talking about her soft spot for Gulati. The two, in the first two weeks of the season, hit it off really well, but had a bitter fallout after the chilli powder episode.

Gulati, who has always called Soares a friend, tried his best to rekindle the friendship this time and looks like it's working. In the prelude, the captain orders Soares to give him a massage after which she jokes that the relationship is a bit one-sided and that she too would want a few return favours from him.

Will Gulati and Soares be able to rekindle their friendship and finally bond with each other like before?