Gautam Gulati
Gautam GulatiGautam Gulati/ Instagram

Day 109 in the "Bigg Boss 8" house witnessed Champions ganging up against Gautam Gulati.

The suave contestant was enquired by Dimpy Mahajan and Karishma Tanna if he thought he was being cornered. The conversation took a nasty turn when Ali Quli Mirza butt in unnecessarily to settle personal scores. Later, Gautam was heard explaining his point of view to Karishma and Pritam Singh. Surprisingly, the two listened to his side of the story very intently and also agreed with him.

Cut to the deciding moment, when Champions were to name a teammate they thought performed terribly in the luxury budget task. Since Gautam was chosen, he switched places with Challenger Mahek Chahal. Making the experience humiliating for him, Bigg Boss ordered the "Diya Aur Baati Hum" actor to wear a graphic tee, which read 'Main Champion Banne Ke Layak Nahi Hoon' (I am not worth being a champion).

Although Gautam laughed it off taking it very sportingly, viewers called the move 'unfair'. The social media is abuzz with how he is the only contestant who deserves to lift the "BB8" trophy. Here are some tweets:

Preeti GautamFTW: That t-shirt was unnecessary! Gautam is the only real champion, the true winner & our hero!

TanU: Ek min #Gautam won boxing wala task. Can't be nirashajanak champion.

Jitesh Arora: Gautam: Won a task but still has to pay the price and wear a shirt "Main Champion banne ke layak nahi" He still took it SPORTINGLY

Minu: @TheFarahKhan Mam,Gautam won 1 task n he was chosen as weakest champion? What Pritam Ali did? Y always Gautam is targeted? Unfair

In other news, the tension between Gautam and Ali is set to reach unimaginable levels in Friday's episode. However, looks like the former is set to entertain the viewers with his antics, yet again.