Salman Khan
Viewers condemn Salman for taking Karishma's case; Diandra lashes out at GautamBigg Boss 8/ Facebook

"Weekend ka Vaar" with Salman Khan took an unexpected turn on Sunday when Karishma Tanna welled up after comments about her and Pritam Singh's 'special' friendship were made in jest. 

Salman Khan, who also took a dig at Dimpy Mahajan and Ali Quli Mirza's growing bond, was miffed at Karishma's inappropriate behaviour. Calling it a fun session, the superstar said she should have it in her to take jokes sportingly.

In other news, Gautam Gulati was at the receiving end of Diandra Soares' subtle fury. Condemning the abrupt, immature breakup, the supermodel mouthed words injuring the actor's self-esteem. However, despite the sarcastic insults hurled at him, Gautam was man enough to embrace his faults and keep shut till she was done with her reasoning.

While the discussion on the split wasn't dragged further, Karishma's sudden tears followed by a half-baked explanation irked Salman real bad, after which he stormed out of the sets saying he would resume the show once everyone was in the mood to shoot.

The television actress has been going through a lot of late and is often heard complaining about the uncomfortable situation in the mad house. She was apparently unhappy with Pritam's sudden group switch.

However, social media is abuzz with how the "Kick" star shouldn't have taken the said contestant's case adding that he was unfair in lashing out at her. A large portion of Saturday's episode was spent at taking pot shots at the actress' wit and intelligence.

Some of netizens have expressed their disgust over Salman's walk-out-of-the-sets act, whereas others have called him biased as he never reprimands Gautam for any of his wrong doings. Here are some of the tweets:

BiggBoss8 fan: Not a fan of karishma tanna but what salman did yest after the crying episode wasnt cool!

Nitu ‏@Nitu_23: Karishma finally reacted today&rightly so! Salman's just a host... There's a limit!

Bhagnaris: #Karishma saying enuff to her character assassination is disrespect to #Salman ?! Such a fragile ego,such a short fuse...

ANM: Karishma dint deserve that. Stop picking on her salman. Puneet needs to be kicked out for being the biggest bitch in house

arunn dabas: karishma has the right to get offended as Salman got offended and ran away midway.atleast karishma didn't run.