'Bigg Boss': Sukirti Waxes Upen's Legs, Karishma Engages in War of Words with Deepshikha
'Bigg Boss': Sukirti Waxes Upen's Legs, Karishma Engages in War of Words with DeepshikhaBigg Boss 8/ Facebook

Day 9 of "Bigg Boss 8" was a rather calm one when compared to Gautam Gulati-Karishma Tanna's war of words on day 8.

Since RJ Preetam's team had already done the task, it was captain Deepshikha Nagpal's turn to complete it. But, Tanna refused to participate in it, which led to a tiff between her and Nagpal. However, Bigg Boss summoned the captain to the cockpit, and informed her that contestants have to abide by certain rules. He also assured her that Gulati will be punished for his inappropriate behavior.

The task was to remain seated on chairs placed on the lawn from dawn to dusk, while the opponent team would do everything to test the patience of the seated contestants. The motive behind annoying them was to force the contestants to leave their seats.

Like Day 8, red chilli powder paste and detergent was used. However, Gulati smeared balm on Sushant Divgikar's face. Just when he was beginning to give up, Nagpal kept him motivated to keep going and remain in his seat. Interestingly, Sukirti Kandpal removed Upen Patel's leg hair using wax strips. Screeching and screaming, Patel was strong enough to not let go of his seat.

Amid all of this, Puneet Issar was seen playing the father figure. He went around offering wet towels and assisting contestants in taking irritants off their skin. This kind gesture aided Nagpal's team but he ended up disappointing his own team members.

Declaring Nagpal's team as the winner, Bigg Boss also informed that on day 10 they will be moved to their plush house. He also added that Gulati's voting rights will be revoked in this week's nomination round. Unhappy with the verdict, Tanna said she would want to talk to Bigg Boss personally as she thinks the punishment isn't severe enough.

However, Bigg Boss managed to convince her and assured her that taking away someone's voting right is a big deal on the show.

After a while when Tanna, Nagpal and Minissha Lamba got talking about which bed they would take in the new house, opponent team members Kandpal, Soni Singh and Natasa Stankovic discussed how they deserved to win.

Singh said she had a problem with Preetam's lack of support. Understanding the situation, he made oblique hints at Issar's over-kind gesture during the task and said relationships should be kept at bay while performing.

The ladies agreed and opined that he should've contributed in some way. Praneet Bhatt's poor performance also drew a lot of flak and he was heavily criticized for not participating at all.