Ali Quli Mirza
Ali Quli Mirza is the new captainBigg Boss 8/Facebook

Day 96 at the Bigg Boss house will be of fights and arguments.

In the prelude, housemates are heard questioning Sonali Raut's performance as a captain. Defending her stand, she says she has been fair in rewarding and punishing contestants. The tiff escalated to a whole new level when Upen Patel asked her to behave and accuses her of being desperate in her attempts to find a love angle to survive the high-voltage reality show. She was also blamed for not having followed the rules herself, an allegation she flatly denied.

"The Xpose" actress, whose term as the captain of the house ended on Day 96, will be seen accepting a challenge from Ali Quli Mirza. According to the captaincy task, the two will be asked to hold a flag in their hands while standing at a dais. The contestant outlasting the opponent will win it to rule the house for the coming week.

According to a social media buzz, Mister Entertainer is the new captain.

After an announcement made by Bigg Boss, Mirza rushed into the confession room nominating himself as a contender for captaincy and was quick to pick Raut as his co-candidate. Patel and Mahajn deduced this to be a sly move saying that Mirza knew well that Raut wouldn't stand a chance and that she was a weak contestant.

Mirza's captaincy will make things a tad more interesting as he set forth a couple of stringent rules during his initial reign which was not appreciated by the housemates resulting in big fights and arguments.

Gautam Gulati, who is easily one of the biggest entertainers of this season, will be seen poking Upen Patel in his own little way. The "36 China Town" actor, infamous for not understanding jokes, will reportedly take things personally indulging in a heated war of words with the suave actor.