Karishma Tanna, Sonali Raut, Gautam Gulati
'Bigg Boss 8': Sonali Raut Takes Her Revenge on Karishma Tanna, Gautam Gulati Loses his Cool AgainBigg Boss 8/ Facebook

Divided into teams of heroes and villains headed by Karishma Tanna and Pritam Singh respectively, the "Bigg Boss 8" house witnessed mayhem and a handful of fights.

Gautam Gulati, like always, lost his cool and picked a fight with Sushant Divgikar and Praneet Bhatt. Annoyed and unhappy, Gulati quickly moves to Tanna's team.

The switch, quite obviously upsets the team of villains and makes Bhatt say that Gulati's anger is the reason why they may not have too many members left. Reacting to his statement, Gulati said he mustn't be singled out and that many have changed sides in the task.

However, Bhatt tries to reason with the angry young man and requests him to be cooperative during the task. He also asks him to resume the task on a condition that they would never interact or cross paths after the task is accomplished.

Puneet Issar, who was in the villains' team, moved to Tanna's team later. Trying to entice Issar and Bhatt into her team, she cornered them in a room and explained why they should be joining the team with the good guys.

However, both the contestants, attacked Tanna and said she was quite a negative person and that she isn't fit to lead a team of superheroes. After she broke into tears, Issar quickly wore the red shirt signifying the superhero team.

Amid all this Sonali Raut, who was sprayed with water by Tanna in the last task, took revenge by doing the same (but in good spirit) in the hallway.

In other news, singer-actor Ali Quli Mirza will reportedly enter the house as a wild card entrant. Close to superstar Salman Khan, Mirza will be seen in upcoming feature film, "Roar".

With just three weeks into the high-voltage reality show, friction and cracks in relationships have started to appear. Will Mirza make it worse? Only time will tell.