Salman Khan
Salman KhanReuters

"Bigg Boss 8" contestants mimicked host Salman Khan on "Weekend ka Vaar".

On guest Arjun Kapoor's request, Gautam Gulati and Pritam Singh impersonated the superstar perfectly. While the contestants were impressed with Gulati's dancing style, Salman joked saying "Tu bahar aa".

Kapoor, who was at the mad house to launch "Salman ka fan" song from his upcoming release "Tevar", gave an opportunity to the housemates to iron out their differences. They were asked to aim water balloons at a white board, in front of which the contestant in question would be standing. Ali Quli Mirza and Dimpy Mahajan was targeted the most.

However, after the guest left the show, Salman played an interesting game with the contestants. Asking them to answer a few questions, he kick-started the 'Sach ka Mashaal' round.

Interestingly, Sonali Raut, who is often seen cozying up to every house captain, admitted to have made special efforts to stay in the good books of the contestant in-charge of the house for the week. And this brave step has definitely polished Raut's image. Karishma Tanna, on the other hand, said Praneet Bhatt fails to take a stand each time. Diandra Soares' changing hair color was made fun of and Salman pulled Upen Patel's leg saying that the latter was 'blindly in love'.

In other news, Gulati, who had to polish shoes as part of his punishment given by Diandra, received Mahajan's support. She opined that the crazy-haired lady took out her personal anger on him by unnecessarily putting him through a grueling task. The viewers too have expressed their disappointment over the issue and have tagged Diandra as unfair.

On day 57, Gulati, who has already been having trouble in his stint as a the captain, will face new problems as Nigaar Khan (as shown in the prelude) refuses to complete the chore delegated to her.