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"Weekend ka Vaar" with Salman Khan was spent on Karishma Tanna and her poor captaincy.

While the housemates didn't appreciate her ways as a captain, the superstar was quick to let them know that the viewers have also not been too fond of her aggressiveness.

Drawing heavy criticism for being partial and 'nagging', Tanna's one-week rule was called the worst ever. What was more interesting to note was that the entire house was nominated for flouting rules during her term.

Salman, while bulldozing every word Tanna had to say in her defence, slammed Gautam Gulati for having backed off a relationship in an inappropriate manner. The suave actor reasoned saying the two had things cleared out, but maybe he could have put things in a better way.

However, Tanna's general knowledge was put to test again wherein she was quizzed if Saina Nehwal, Akhilesh Yadav, Dipika Pallikal and Sushil Kumar were celebrities or not. Confused and dazed, Tanna managed to scrape through the test after which she was attacked on social media with funny tweets and memes. Here are some of them:

Vivian Fernandes: These days parents asks their kids to study well or else they will grow up and become Karishma Tanna #bb8 #bigboss8

BiggBoss8: Score of winning team = Score of Losing team. Only @karishma_tanna can justify this #BB8

Dr. ME MYSELF: Who Says Karishma Tanna isn't Intelligent! She has her own ways of intelligence yet to be proved! #BB8 @BiggBoss

Swapnesh: #BB8 There was dumb, then was dumber and then Karishma Tanna.. ROFL. Girl doesn't know when to keep mouth shut.

Shounak Kar: #bb8 karishma tanna is so talented, she should have been used properly,enemies and terrorists would have been scared to attack India.

In other news, Gulati, Ali Quli Mirza, Puneet Issar and Dimpy Mahajan have been declared safe.