Gautam Gulati, Salman Khan
Salman Khan calls Gautam Gulati a 'hero'Bigg Boss 8/ Facebook

"Weekend ka Vaar" with Salman Khan in the "Bigg Boss 8" house was one of revelations.

Upen Patel, who was the captain of the house last week, was reprimanded for being partial. His decision to nominate Pritam Singh and Puneet Issar drew flak as the two helped him win the race to captaincy. Ali Quli Mirza was condemned for not taking a stand, whereas Diandra Soares was labelled an utterly unsure captain.

Arya Babbar, whose tiff with Issar was the highlight of the week, was questioned by a caller. After Issar used his might to yank Babbar on the ground, the former was disqualified and shown the doors. However, the task was resumed next day, but Babbar said since he was in a lot of physical pain he will not be able to participate. In the second half of the task, he used his full might to help his team win it.

The viewer felt this change of stand made Babbar look like a brilliant actor and it puts a big question mark on his genuinity. Calling it an emotional decision, he clarified that he put in effort so that they could win the luxury budget task.

Meanwhile, after announcing Gautam Gulati safe, the superstar called him a hero. He appreciated his effort to relieve Sushant Divgikar of his 'sevak' duties and criticised Karishma Tanna for picking make-up over saving a nominated contestant.

Tanna, surprisingly, showed some sporting spirit and took the jokes on her make-up the way it was meant. After which Salman attacked Soares' captaincy, calling her confused and unassertive he said she shouldn't have been elected as the boss as she will not be able to lead the house.

Of the six nominated contestants, Gulati, Praneet Bhatt and Sonali Raut have been saved. Ali Quli Mirza, Issar and Divgikar are still in the danger zone. Click here, to watch the eviction live.