Gautam Gulati
Gautam GulatiGautam Gulati/ Instagram

One of the most popular contestants of the "Bigg Boss 8" house, Gautam Gulati set tongues wagging when he got involved with Diandra Soares and indulged in a lot of public display of affection inside the house.

Though the couple maintained that they were just friends, they were often spotted kissing each other in front of the cameras. Many a times, Diandra was also seen pulling Gautam inside the bathroom, which left the audience guessing as to what must have happened inside. Their 'affection' continued until Diandra got evicted a few weeks back.

And during a recent press conference, Gautam too admitted to have kissed Diandra inside the bathroom and that there was some kind of attraction between them. He further went to say that he misses her inside the house.

However, a picture has surfaced on the micro-blogging site Twitter that tells a different story. In the picture, apparently posted by a fan of Diandra, Gautam is seen making out with an unidentified woman. 

The picture has undoubtedly raised a plethora of questions among Gautam fans about the mysterious lady in the hunk's life. Is he already in a committed relationship and had been faking his affection for Diandra?

Surprisingly, Diandra on seeing the picture, didn't make a fuss and simply tweeted saying that the picture is stunning and adorable.