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The day 101 of the "Bigg Boss 8" house brought a smile on every housemate as some of them got to reunite with their families and even welcomed the new year with a house party.

The day started with a huge argument between Dimpy Mahajan and Gautam Gulati, when the latter tried to sort some matters out with her. However, Gautam escaladed the issue by bringing in Dimpy's father in the argument. This infuriated the Bengali lady as she felt that involving her family into the matter was not fair.

While Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna supported her, Puneet Issar and Pritam Singh believed that Dimpy had unnecessarily hyped the issue.

Later, Gautam's brother Mohit Gulati made an entry and shared a brotherly hug with Mr Popular. While he met everyone warmly, he went on to say that Karishma is his favourite contestant, however, revealed some harsh comments made by her against Gautam, which he felt was wrong.

The day also turned fruitful for Karishma as she got to meet her mother after a long period.

By the end of the day, Bigg Boss announced for a party to celebrate the New Year but with a twist - only couples were permitted to enjoy the party. While Karishma chose Upen as her partner for the party, Dimpy and Sonali picked Ajaz Khan and Gautam Gulati respectively. Remaining inmates Puneet, Pritam and Alia Quli Mirza were confined to themselves.

Although the day ended on a high note, the prelude to the next episode saw Ajaz turn bossy and decide who among the contestants will get to interact with their families. Interestingly, while he grants Dimpy to hear her family's message, he prohibits Ali from listening to his mother's message.