Ali Quli Mirza
Ali Quli Mirza is the new captainBigg Boss 8/Facebook

The 26th day at the "Bigg Boss 8" house witnessed a lot of heated arguments between the inmates and the captain.

The new captain and wild-card entry contestant Ali Quli Mirza seems to bring endless trouble for the housemates. 

The day started with Mirza allotting the inmates the regular task of cleaning the house but with a twist. The captain made a work-swap among the inmates as per his wishes. The main motive behind such a shuffle is supposedly to pull out the housemates from their comfort zones and to curb factionalism. 

Soon after the task, the "Bigg Boss" announced the first judgment day. As per the task, Mirza has the power to fulfill a wish of one of the housemates and at the same time punish another as per his choice.

Mirza granted Upen Patel's wish for a protein shake while he punished Karishma Tanna for her easy-going attitude.

Tanna was punished to remain invisible to the rest of the housemates. While she would try to grab the attention of others, the inmates would not pay any attention to her. However, later in the evening, she her punishment was removed.

The evening saw a verbal spat between Mirza and Minissha Lamba. As per the captain, Lamba was given the task of cleaning the pool, which she did. But the actress refused to clean it again when Mirza charged her with leaving the pool dirty.

Soni Singh, who was also punished along with Lamba for her incomplete task, asked if she was in a school where things are needed to be followed as per the rules and get punished when rules are broken.

Later the "Bigg Boss" announced another task – Car Dekho – where the winning team will get gifts. 

Arya Babbar and Upen Patel were appointed as the leaders who would compete against each other. As per the task rules, both the boys had to accomplish the task with the help of their respective teammates, by walking on a given pathway to reach a destination and solve a puzzle kept at the end. Patel and his teammates won a hamper. 

However, the 26th day of the "Bigg Boss" house also saw another exchange of arguement involving Mirza.

The captain argued with Diandra Soares over a small issue. However, the fight turned sour when he tried punishing her using his powers, which Soares refused to agree. Bossy Mirza stated that Soarse's attitude towards him was unacceptable.

The day ended with all the male housemates trying to speak to Mirza about his aggressive and dominating behaviour towards the housemates.

They stated that he was not the "Bigg Boss" but only a captain whose role was to lead the house and understand his mates.

Mirza replied that he was indeed the Bigg Boss for the inmates and will continue his bossy rules and punish anyone who tries to violate his command.