Imam Siddique
Imam Siddique to return as wild card entry? Ex-contestant demands whopping ₹ 1 crore as feeFacebook Imam A Siddique

Fashion and image manager Imam Siddique, who got into a verbal altercation with Salman Khan on the sixth season of the high-voltage reality show, "Bigg Boss", is likely to return to the house as a wild card entrant.

"Yes, it's true, and I am in talks with the team. But nothing is confirmed as yet. I'd be delighted to go back to the house. I am a loyal person and I owe it to the channel, the team and Salman for giving me the biggest opportunity of my career," Hindustan Times quoted the LGBT contestant as saying.

This season, the housemates have often been spotted about how they do not have someone like Siddique in their batch. And going by the fading interest in the content the show has had to offer all these days, if his return were to be true it'd be a well-planned one.

However, the twist in the tale happens to the meagre remuneration the makers have reportedly offered the ex-housemate. "By virtue of the social media following that I have garnered, I deserve certain remuneration. They have offered me a pittance, but I need a crore as minimum guarantee," Siddique revealed to the daily, adding that the last time he had let go of the money because of the exposure he would get on the show.

"The last time, I sacrificed money for visibility but not now. If Upen Patel can get Rs. 40 lakh and a non-entity like Ratan Rajput got Rs. 75 lakh to enter the show, then so do I," he said.

Also a fashion stylist, the controversy happy celeb said since he was capable of adding spice to the show, the makers want him to meet their targets.

"I am the king and queen of ratings (sic) and when certain projections aren't met, people do what is needed to ensure that they meet their targets. I am not a wannabe soap opera actor. I have carved a niche for myself and have a solid image," he opined.

Salman and Siddique got into a heated argument after the ex-inmate said he was responsible for Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta's success. The superstar, who was then not in talking terms with SRK, backed his friend saying he achieved fame and money for what he is and that Siddique doesn't have anything to do with it.

However, there were reports that Siddique's loose comments left the actor fuming after which he walked out of the sets but returned to film the rest of the episode.