Bigg Boss 8
'Bigg Boss 8': Gautam Gulati Cries Like a Baby; Housemates get Emotional Watching their JourneyBigg Boss 8/Facebook

As the controversial show comes to an end, the inmates got emotional watching their journey -- full of ups and downs -- inside the house.

Day 103 saw Pritam Singh entering the dark room to witness how he came into the house as a member of the secret society and soon become the favourite inmate of the contestants and viewers. On watching the clips of his part-painful, part-enjoyable journey, Pritam got emotional and burst into tears.

Next was Dimpy Mahajan, who has largely been misunderstood by most contestants. She tried holding her tears back after watching her sweet-bitter journey in the Bigg Boss house.

Karishma Tanna entered the room and was happy that even after many inmates blamed her for being selfish and throwing tantrums, Bigg Boss praised her for the sacrifices she made inside the house and mentioned that she can in no way be termed 'selfish'. Karishma left the room misty-eyed.

Puneet Issar, Ali Quli Mirza too relived every moment inside the house.

While, the day saw the emotional side of housemates, watching Sonali Raut's journey was fun as the video showed her carefree attitude throughout the season.

Everyone walked out of the dark room with a small surprise gift from their loved ones.

The last one to visit the dark room was Gautam Gulati. Gautam, who has earlier showed his emotional side, was seen crying his heart out while watching his journey, his struggles and how he fought to make a mark for himself, finally emerging as the most popular contestant.

The grand finale of "Bigg Boss 8" hosted by Salman Khan will be held on 3 January. Two of the housemates will reportedly get evicted while the remaining five contestants will participate in the exclusive series "Bigg Boss Halla Bol" hosted by Farah Khan.