Sonali Raut, Gautam Gulati, Diandra Soares
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Day 78 of "Bigg Boss 8" had oodles of romance and some jealousy thereafter.

Sonali Raut, who comes across as hopelessly attracted to Gautam Gulati, witnessed some unnecessary PDA between 'the man of her dreams' and Diandra Soares in the kitchen area.

Later the much-in-love twosome locked themselves up in the bathroom yet again, but this time, Dimpy Mahajan slyly stopped by to eavesdrop on their sweet nothings.

Sonali who was at the restroom lounge to get dressed for the day had to unintentionally be a part of the couple's private moment. Gautam and Diandra, willingly shared cute talks with each other, as a result of which the "Xpose" actress was left uncomfortable. Although she ignored all of the happenings with a straight face, was there a hint of jealousy lurking somewhere?

Housemates, on the other hand, were not too okay with Sonali throwing herself onto Gautam knowing fully well that he's now on a different tangent with the supermodel. While Upen Patel opined the one-film-old actress needs an angle to survive the game and therefore has been trying to get cozy with both him and Gautam, Pritam Singh said may be she is hurt by Mr. Popular's sudden change of heart.

In other news, for flouting house rules every contestant was nominated for this week's elimination. And captain Karishma Tanna, who is not in the danger zone, penalised every single one of them.

Dimpy, who lost out to the current leader in the race for captaincy, was given a secret task by Bigg Boss wherein she would have to convince five inmates to disapprove of Karishma's ways. Ali Quli Mirza, who said she was a 'mean' captain, rubbed the bedroom gang the wrong way and Upen criticised Ali and said that he had failed to keep their trust.

On the other hand, Karishma, who created a big issue of two bottles of hazelnut spread, refused to accept one of the two jars from Gautam. Calling this change of heart forced and unnecessary, the actress-model told Upen that she was never interested in the food item. All she wanted was him to be fair and honest about the matter. Meanwhile, the "36 China Town" actor, who would hardly poke his nose in trivial tiffs earlier, left the bedroom to gossip about it with his new 'friends' Pritam and Ali.