Gautam Gulati, Ali Quli Mirza
Gautam Gulati, Ali Quli MirzaBigg Boss 8/ Facebook

Day 117 in the "Bigg Boss 8" was more of Karishma Tanna and less of anything else.

The "Grand Masti" actress seemed to have taken a few stands for which she was bombarded with questions. Farah Khan shot her down saying it was unfair to pull someone down to clear one's name.

In her own defence, the contestant said she was supporting Dimpy Mahajan adding that humiliating Rahul Mahajan was done only to clarify her name on national television. She also said how his light-hearted flirtations were beginning to annoy her and that was when she snapped.

This stunned the host as she asked why was Rahul's advances were tagged as inappropriate only after Upen Patel's re-entry. She was also critiqued for her decision to make Dimpy a champion, whereas she had Mahek Chahal and Pritam Singh's name in mind.

Her captaincy too came under the scanner when the housemates, in unison, said how the romance came in the forefront. KT cleared her stand saying she didn't want to interfere and meddle with people's personal space and so she steered herself clear from giving out orders.

Dimpy and Karishma's friendship fell apart in the process. While Dimpy said it was unacceptable how every time the latter thinks she is right in her decisions, the accused said she has always taken a stand for what was right.

On a lighter note, Gautam Gulati and Ali Quli Mirza's bromance was talked about in the episode. While Ali ran up to the "Diya Aur Baati Hum" actor to smooch him, the former asked him to stay away. Apart from Farah and the inmates, viewers too are enjoying the kind of entertainment they are putting out together. Here are some tweets:

Fatemeh: Ali to Farah: Maam, 7 din Gautam se lagatar pyaar kiya hain maine" yup he is def suffering from #GautamGulatiFever

Harshitaa: This Ali-Gautam smooch thing has come to be so hillarious. Makes us realise without Ali, show would be utter shit.

Preeti GautamFTW: BB8 EPI - Ali is definitely suffering from Gautam Gulati fever LOL

Mirah: Farah : Gullu! Ali ke ilawa tumhare peecha koi para hai 6 saal se ?? Gautam : Pta nae! Yeh to pagal ho gya hai