Gautam Gulati, Diandra Soares
Gautam Gulati, Diandra SoaresColors TV video

Salman Khan's "Weekend Ka Vaar" was uninteresting and dull for which the host apologised later. The Peshawar killings have had a strong impact on the superstar and hence he made the episode a low-key fuss-free affair.

"Bigg Boss 8" house, which is now riddled with confusion and bitterness, saw the elimination of Praneet Bhatt. After the ouster, the eliminated contestant reportedly said he would want Gautam Gulati, Pritam Singh or Puneet Issar to win the show.

In other news, psychiatrist Dr Sawant was called on to the show for some psycho-analysis of each of the housemates. According to reports, the doctor said Gulati was the most misunderstood person in the house and since he is carefree, people often pin him down. He also went on to reveal that Sonali Raut is as innocent as one can get and that she is the only one not plotting in the house.

Additionally, the media quizzing the contestants and bombarding the "Diya Aur Baati Hum" actor with questions on his equation with evicted housemate Diandra Soares has stirred up strong reactions on social media. However, the supermodel was quick enough to respond to it.

"Feel so awful, so much drama n chaos over this. Pls just relax everybody, I'm sure GG n I can sort this out ourselves at some point! Uffff," she tweeted.

What came as surprising was Gulati finally owned up his restroom escapades with his girl revealing that they both kissed each other in the confines of the washroom. He also admitted to the fact that there was an attraction between the two of them and that they would remain friends no matter what.

Dimpy Mahajan, who abused Singh with unmentionable cuss words, was cornered and told not to clamour for sympathy when at fault. Upen Patel was another such contestant who was at the receiving end of housemates' complaints and accusations. The "36 China Town" actor defended his stand, saying he was only trying to entertain.