Gautam Gulati, Ali Quli Mirza
Gautam Gulati, Ali Quli MirzaBigg Boss 8/ Facebook

Farah Khan's hosting skills picked up pace on the 110th day of "Bigg Boss 8". As promised, she did reprimand contestants for their wrong-doings like a strict teacher.

Ali Quli Mirza and Sambhavna Seth received maximum flak for their inappropriate behaviour through the week. The former, who got into a bitter fight with Gautam Gulati, was named 'Mastermind' by Farah for playing the victim card so well and getting Ajaz Khan out. She also jokingly asked if he wanted to smooch Gautam as he went real close to him while the argument was on.

However, she also judged Ajaz for having displayed high levels of idiocy during his stint in the mad house. Sambhavna, who made headlines for her shoe-hurling act, was asked if she was provoked enough to resort to something so unnecessary. Karishma Tanna was questioned for not taking a stand and so were the other female contestants.

In other news, Gautam exposed Ali's strategy to survive the show. On first two days of the week he picks up fight, on Wednesdays and Thursdays he usually cools down with occasional taunts, on Friday he compels the opponent to let go of bitterness and on weekends, he entertains.

Farah also went on to ask if it was fair to push Gautam in the Challengers' team considering he had won a task for the Champions. Karishma and Pritam Singh opined that he was clearly not interested in team work and always uses his strategies separately.

Later, Gautam was warned by one of the callers against Sambhavna adding that he was extremely hot and has a great personality. In his defence, the "Diya Aur Baati Hum" actor said that he takes stands using his own judgement and hardly ever listens to anyone.