Dimpy and Rahul Mahajan
Dimpy and Rahul MahajanTwitter/Bigg Boss

Evicted "Bigg Boss Halla Bol" contestant Rahul Mahajan has made headlines for all the wrong reasons lately.

From light-hearted flirtations with Karishma Tanna to gifting estranged wife Dimpy Mahajan an exquisite red saree as part of a task, Rahul's stint at the high-voltage reality show is sure to make one cringe in disbelief. While this was on, Sambhavna Seth decided to unmask scandalous truths the eliminated challenger has been hiding all along.

In a conversation with Karishma, Upen Patel and Ali Quli Mirza, she revealed how he has been dating model Aparna Joshi adding that the two have been living together for over a year now. Shocked and surprised, KT couldn't bring herself to believe the piece of information.

Dragging Dimpy into the chit-chat, Sambhavna informed that Rahul had once spoken to her about Dimpy's Dubai-based boyfriend calling him up requesting to take care of his girl but also to maintain safer distance as he was possessive about her.

However, the news is completely false says the former pilot-turned-actor. "I don't know why she (Sambhavna) said so. She should not have said such things on a national TV. Such baseless statements maligns a girl's name unnecessarily. I am not dating anybody. I am currently single," PTI quoted him as saying.

The ex-contestant, who is scheduled to begin his debut film "3 Full and 3 Half", said he has always shared a cordial relationship with his ex-wife, adding that they would never be more than friends. He also said how he advised her not to trust inmates when he learnt of her participating in the show.

"Dimpy sometime really goes over-the-top. The way she is behaving might be good at providing content to TV but it's harmful for her in future. She should know when to stop herself," he pointed out.